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I currently have an Onkyo TX-SR508 amplifier and 5 surround sound ONKYO speakers which came with the package (was about £400 as I remember) I have added two Q-Accoustic 3020 speakers to this. Overall I'm pretty happy with the sound. I also use this to connect my ipod to play music. Again the sound is good enough for me.

My TV is an LG B9 which has wireless connectivity.

What I would like to have is bluetooth so I can just throw music onto them from my phone or other bluetooth device, but still use them for the TV. A bonus would be to replace the Amplifier box and get rid of the wires. I would still like to have a multiple speaker set up as I think they are better than sound bars.

I have £500-£750 to spend and would like to upgrade. What should I get and would it give me better sound and work for my needs? Or is some kind of convert your existing speakers to become bluetooth a better option?


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Hi Dan

Just a couple of questions:

  • what size room are you in?
  • how far away from the TV are you listening
  • are you happy just with a pair of speakers (2 channel / stereo)?

You mention you like the 3020 sound - would an "active" 3020 be acceptable to you?
If so - I may have just the thing:

The M20 HD is a active 3020 from Q Acoustics :)
Connect your phone via bluetooth, TV via bluetooth or optical, USB/RCA etc are available too.

A single wire connects the two speakers together and a single power cable.

But answer the above and there may be some other options for you too :)


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I'm in a 6m by 4.5m room though it is my living room and we a roughly going widthways across it, so listening at about 3.5m - 4.5 m. I do like the option of having surround sound so don't want to go back to just that.

Having read up on it a bit more it seems like I can keep the existing speakers but with a new receiver with bluetooth I could send music via that. So looking at your site something like this:

Yamaha RX-V4A Black 5.2 Channel AV Receiver

I could swap out my old receiver for this and I would have the ability to cast an ipod to the speakers via the receiver. Hopefully a receiver like this would give me a few other upgrades too. Is that right?


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Hey Dan

All understood. Then absolutely, the V4A is right up there with good quality features. It's limited to 5 channels powered - so make sure this isn't a limitation for your future plans (i.e. 7.1 or 5.1.2)

You can add units such as the Bluesound Node for example into your existing amp to give you airplay / wireless streaming too.

A cheaper option still would be the iFi Audio ZEN Blue v2 which is a bluetooth receiver that you can connect to your amp with. It's not wireless, but it is aptx HD bluetooth :)

The Yamaha's have been as rare as hens teeth - the next batch is due in May/June time as an FYI :)

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