What will my speed be?


Hi folks, i'm currenty with virginmedia, line rental and 20mg broadband, i am contimplating moving over to sky to incoporate it withh my Hd package to save some pennies. My only problem is I just don't know what speed i'll get, as my line is virgim media and not a Bt line i can't run a speed test to estimate the speed ill get if i transfer over, any idiea's.



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Who knows?

The packages are always "up to xxMb".
So it depends on how far away you are from the exchange and the state of your line etc.

Hopefully someone will link to a site that can take a guess, but that's all it will be.

Whatever, I'd put money it won't be as good as your VM broadband, unless you're very lucky.


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Unfortunately I don't think there is anyway to know for certain, but AIUI whose phone line your using is really irrelevant as it's the same copper wires, distance from the excahnge etc if you switch (only change is who is taking responsibility and their T&Cs) so the upper limit would most likely be the same (your not on the VM fibre optic broadband are you?, as that would make a difference).


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your not on the VM fibre optic broadband are you?, as that would make a difference.

Good point.
I always assume VM means cable :suicide:

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