What will I get with............



Hi I`m a newbie to all of this so I`m after a few pointers.

These are the bits of hardware my budget can afford me.

HTPC with a SkyStar2 Card

An 80 CM Gibertini Dish (see below for specs)

Size: 75 x 80 cm
Illumination Efficiency 69%
Gain @ 10,95 Ghz (dB): 36
Cross polarisation on axis (dB): 25
First side lobe (dB): 22
Noise temperature @ 30° elevation(K): 46
F/D radio:0.66
Beam width @ 3dB (deg): 2.6
Elevation angle range (deg): 0 - 80
Offset pointing angle (deg): 21.3
Mast clamp: 30 - 90 mm
Wind pressure @ 120 km/h: 42 kg
Operating temperature range: -30°C +70°C
Humidity: up to 100% condensed

Still undecided on best way to go with LNB Etc.

I live just outside Grantham UK. I don`t want to upset anyone so I`m looking at keeping my dish setup as small as possible. Could someone tell me the best way to setup my gear and what I should expect to recieve. Cheers for all your help



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There's a list of satellites viewable in the UK and the dish size required here


Channels available, the encryption used, projected footprint etc. can be found by checking each satellite here


Generally speaking go for an LNB with the lowest noise figure

Helpful info here



Lots of softcam files available on the net to enable you to view encrypted channels


Chris Muriel

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Generally speaking go for an LNB with the lowest noise figure

It's a shame that the satellite equipment industry has moved to the lowest common denominator in that people are forced to select LNBs by NF.
For digital satellite reception (DVB-S or DVB-S2) what really matters as much as, if not more than, NF is local oscillator stability and phase noise.
Unfortunately LNB makers and marketers went for the low hanging fruit of NF because it's much easier and quicker to measure than LO stability or phase noise; anyone involved in modern RF communications design at the system-block level knows this - but how can Joe Public be expected to ?
Very few LNBs have meaningful specifications for the above - unless you buy a $200 Norsat or similar PLL-controlled LNB.

End of (slightly techie) rant ...

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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