What was your last Blu-ray purchase? Part 6 (please read first post)

Mark Costello

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Meiow indeed.

More kitty kat goodness from the good folks at Indicator. And those loyalty points keep on stacking too…….


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Man the True Romance artwork looks stunning.


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Another True Romance arrival here - not the steelie though. My uber cheap Total Recalls arrived too (3 for £11 :laugh: )



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Hellllloooooo Babbbby!


Mr Lime

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Been having a good splurge on some oldies but goodies. :)

A classic Gothic chiller and the directorial debut of Joseph L Manciewicz, one of my favourite directors. One of Vincent Price's finest performances, if not his best.


Another Mankiewicz gem. Gore Vidal's deft screenplay manages the not insignificant task of getting Tennessee Williams' most controversial work past the censors of the day. The grim climactic sequence ranks with the best of screen horror.


A firm childhood/teenage favourite, as this frequently popped up on the BBC's long defunct Saturday Thriller spot, from that golden age when BBC and ITV showed films during prime time viewing. A superb chiller.


Quite a few old favourites are cropping up in the USA, particularly musicals from the excellent Warner Archive Collection, so I decided to rupture my wallet.

The story of real life sharpshooter Anni Oakley, Irving Berlin's hit Broadway show became a spectacular MGM screen musical packed with wall to wall hits, including the showstopper 'There's No Business Like Show Business'

Apart from being terrific entertainment in its own right, it is also famous for spawning the classic original screen musical 'Calamity Jane', created by Warner Brothers in response to the success of this film. Coincidentally, Howard Keel who plays Buffalo Bill in 'Annie Get Your Gun', Plays Wild Bill Hickock in 'Calamity Jane'.


Gwen Verdon, one time the queen of Broadway makes one of her few big screen appearances (indeed she never appeared on screen again until twenty years later in 1978's clunker 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band') to recreate her Broadway role of Lola, one of Satan's demons, sent to corrupt the story's hero. The story sees the Faust legend updated to the world of baseball, where The Devil -superbly played by Ray Walston- gives an aging baseball fan a second chance at youth and a successful baseball career.


A Broadway classic telling the story of an Irishman who emigrates to the USA, headed for Fort Knox with a stolen pot of leprechaun's gold, with the leprechaun in hot pursuit. Directed by a pre-Godfather Francis Ford Coppola, the film is packed with more hit songs than any one musical deserves. This one has a special connection for me, as my mates' grandfather, Albert Sharpe, played Finian in the original Broadway production.


An MGM musical that I have seen clips of, but never the entire film. Still, it's Judy Garland and Gene Kelly with a score by Cole Porter on a Warner Archive restoration. What could possibly go wrong?


Another blind buy for which I have fingers crossed as this is a film that has as many defenders as it has detractors. Still, it has three plus points for me. It stars Robin Williams, it is directed by Robert Altman and the songs are by Harry Nilsson. And Shelley Duvall is Olive Oyl come to life.


I was thrilled to see this favourite get a solo US Blu ray release as previously it had only been available as part of a very expensive Aussie box set and I already owned every other film in the set. Ray Milland gives an utterly nasty portrayal of Old Nick himself, as The Devil goes harvesting souls in the world of professional boxing.


Another '40s gem that I was thrilled to discover on Blu-ray. A wildly entertaining fantasy from René Clair ('The Ghost Goes West', 'I Married a Witch'). Dick Powell is a newspaper reporter who receives the next day's newspapers from a mysterious old man, a full 24 hours before they are printed, which he uses to his advantage, until he receives one with a story about his own death.

It happened.jpg

Another absolute gem from Hollywood's Golden Age, telling the tale of San Francisco's devastating 1905 earthquake. The earthquake FX are superbly realised and quite chilling. I first saw this on television not long after seeing the 1974 disaster (disastrous!) film 'Earthquake' -the one in Sensurround- and was struck by two things. Firstly, what a superior film in every department this film was and secondly how the 1936 FX easily outclassed the 1974 FX.

They literally do not make them like this anymore!

San Francisco.jpg
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“Just” a couple today.

The Dredd Steelbook is a glossy stunner and comes with a neat protective sleeve instead if the J-Card.



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Got these in HMV this morning. They've got 20% off most 4k (not 2 for £30) and bluray this week for their 100th birthday so Glass was only £7.99.

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