What was your first car?


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Mine was a lovely bogey-green mini. Yesss... I was about to start college and I'd saved 600 quid and bought it. Being a slightly less than thorough 17 year-old, it came complete with holes in both the drivers and passenger-side floor, oh and the brakes were, how shall we put it... not at their best :D

My parents quickly gave me some money to put the said brakes right, which I went on to spend on both myself and young ladies (our college was attached to a beauticians/hairdressers college) in the pub on a Friday night. Was it worth it? Erm... Yes, it was :thumbsup:


1998 1.4 Vauxhall Corsa.

Nice simple car that was rock solid. Being my first car it took a 12 month battering from me and never gave up. Over 60 MPH there was a new louder engine tone every 10 MPH! :D


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1991 Rover Metro 1.4 GTA in british racing green, absolutely loved it. British Leyland inside meant that no matter what went wrong with it the bugger still ran. Dmn nippy for its size too, couldget a decent bit of speed out of it :D


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I had my dad's cast off car...a 1983 (roughly) Datsun Cherry...now considering i was born in 85...this car was older than me! :rotfl:

but it was free...got me from a to b and was built like a tank!!!

mmm nice sun faded red..ahh the memories :D

only had it for 6 months till i moved onto a fiesta.

heres what a Cherry looks like anyway...



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a 'P' reg ( 1976 ) vauxhall chevette in green , LEF646P RIP , has probably been several bean cans since then :D , you should have seen how much faster it went when i painted the wheels white and put a white stripe down the side :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

la gran siete

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1974 Mini Clubman, mustard colour

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