what was that film?


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i remember seeing this film in the late 70s/early80s can`t recall much but it seemed to be about a village/town that was being taken over by some sort of alien race.
All i can remember was these small stones/pods that if a normal person picked up it would explode in thier face leaving a mark on thier forehead also there was a large dome complex involved, the ending i think involved a backdrop of the domes on fire and the hero escaping thro` some sort of pipe (i think).
One of them films that might or might not have been any good but i always wanted to see again, can`t for the life of me recall the name so any help would be greatly apreciated.


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I think your talking about this film.
Quatermass II
The omniscient Professor Bernard Quatermass returns in Hammer's excellent sequel to 'The Quatermass Experiment'. Here, the Professor discovers a sinister high-level government conspiracy to cover up an extraterrestrial invasion triggered by a mysterious shower of meteorites
Director: Val Guest
Starring: Brian Donlevy, Bryan Forbes, Sidney James, John Longden, William Franklyn, Vera Day.


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thanks thor
are the 2 films linked or are they completley seperate films, plus do you know if they are avalible on dvd
once again thanks for your help
i`ll be able to sleep now! :)


FYI: ...the 1958 black-and-white-with-mono-sound TV series
is available on R2 DVD...

...the 1967 movie is available on R1 DVD...

. . . :eek: . . .


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Hi barrykil,
Yes, the two films are seperate stories.



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