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What Volume?


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What volume do you set your AV Amp on when watching movies (to get the smile on your face effect)? Please do not move this to General Section as I have been infracted from there. This is for a bit of research, could you state your room size, amp, large or small speakers and the volume. Thank You

Room Size:- 20 foot X 24 foot.
Amp:- Sony STR2400
Speakers:- Small
Volume:- -28db


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11? Wow that will shake my room. I was watching Shooter last night on C4 HD and the explosions and sniper shots were amazing. I have never seen that film before too, wish I recorded it.


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the listening area is about 10 by 12 feet (although the room is actually 12 by 24 feet).

The volume is seldom above -20dB. Above that level an automatic gain control system kicks in (AKA "the wife" :D)

My amp doesn't have a number 11 on it. Presumably, daschmoo has the version of amp with optional spinal tap plugin?


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Depending on CD (have stereo only) normally around 15 up to 8/9 for a party (or louder).

Room size approx 5m x 6m.



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-15 to -10

5m x 3m


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-10 to 0 depending on the film


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First thing is calibration. My kit has been correctly calibrated: the built-in tones read 75dB on an SPL meter at the listening position. Without valibration, the volume control's dB measurements are meaningless. With this, we know that setting reference level actually means what it's defined to mean: that setting 0dB on the amp's volume control will result in a full-peak swing on a DVD achieving 105dB (LFE: 115dB) at the listening position.

Listening at reference level obviouls means that the correct listening level is 0dB - after all this is the definition of reference level and hence it must be right by definition, mustn't it :).

The reality is that I listen well under 0dB, typically running at around -20dB to -15dB. Much more than that and I can't even hear SWMBO yelling at me that it's too loud and I should get my ears cleaned and in the meantime I should turn it down a couple of dozen notches or so.
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I have my Arcam 350 set between 55 to 70dB in a room that is 3m by 6m. PMC GB1s, DBc and DB1s.


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Room: (width, length, height in meters) 3.5 x 4.7 x 2.8m

AVR is set to about -35dB...terraced house living :rolleyes:

Played part of Transformers at -25dB once and i don't think the neighbours were too happy.

General TV watching is about -40dB, PS3 is -50dB

Hope that helps

Alan Mac

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Room size: 10 m x 4 m

Amplifier: Quad 405-2 (main) and Pioneer VSX-LX70

Speakers: Large (electrostatics)

Volume : -20 dB to -15 dB (relative to reference level of 85 dB SPL)


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