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what volume have all you's es ex owners for centre back speaker?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by majortrip, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. majortrip


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    Why i ask this is i am having problems with my setup.....
    amp is a denon 3802
    speakers are mission 77 3 fronts
    rear side speakers are 77ds
    back speaker well i've tried normal speaker and a centre speaker and now i just got another pair of 77 ds but only using one.. same problem and thats is ....
    The back centre speaker seems very low when watching ex/es films like starwars 1+2, T2 se7en and other's i setup up all speaker levels with the avia setup disc at 85db all channels are the same volume. main voloume on left speaker is at 85db and CENTRE is +1.0db, to get 85 , REAR SIDE'S is -2.0db to get 85, CENTRE BACK is +2.0db.to get 85db...
    the speaker's are at distance as follows....
    all front's are at 3.5 meters...
    all side rear's are at 1.5 meters
    centre back speaker is at 3.2 meters.....

    Sorry forgot to say how i set up this centre back speaker....
    I disconected one of the side rear speaker wire and connected it in the cenre back speaker then i got the level like that...but i seams so low when watching an es or ex film when people say "MAKE SURE YOU SETUP YOUR SPEAKERS WITH A GOOD SETUP DISC THE DIFFERNT'S IS OUTSTANDING".....it's not with me so please can someone help me where i've gone wrong ....
    coz at the moment i am watching all films in 5.1 sound
  2. S H A D O

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    Mar 16, 2001
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    United Kingdom

    If you feel the volume level of the Surround Back channel is too low then increase it a couple of db. Just remember the surround back channel is not meant to overpower the other surround channels but enhance them.

    Lack of volume could also be down to the dispersion of the dipole speaker, its spreading the sound around the back rather than firing it at your listening position. Room acoustics will also come into play.

    As I said, just increase the level to your taste, it might not be "correct" but having the system sound how you want it to is. :)

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