What upgrade path should I take?



This is my first post so please be gentle with me.

My current set up is:
C92t - Diva A85 - Qaud 12l speakers - silver aniversary biwire cable - kimber hero interconnect.

I wish to upgrade my amplification to either buying a power amplifier and biamping or moving up to an fmj amplifier.
I am currently based in Seoul in korea so my choices are limited to:
diva p80 or fmj p25 power amplifier or the fmj a32 intergrated amplifier or change to a different make of amplifier, (i am loathe to do this as it was an arcam demonstration at a show that first bit me with the hifi bug).

My question is which route would you advise, power amp(if so which one) or new integrated?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Are you saying then that the power amp will give better results bi-wiring then going up a class in stereo amp?

This is the thing that puts me off using something like the AVR300 as my stereo source as it probably wouldn't be a noticeable improvement from my A75+ in stereo.

I was thinking I could add a 3-chanel poweramp to increase the sound quality but surely an a32 would be much better on the stereo side of things?


rich smolen

If you're wanting to stick with the stereo setup you have now, I'm sure stepping up to the fmj line would be a noticable improvement - most likely moreso than biamping with your current integrated.

If you're wanting to get into home theater, you could always use the current integrated you have and integrate that into the AVR 300 - using the amplification from the integrated to drive the mains, and the AVR 300 to drive the remaining channels.

I myself have an AVR 200, and noticed significant improvement when using the preouts for stereo and hooking up some VTL tube amps. The consensus of dealers around there is that you would be better off using a better single amp than two lesser amps and biamping.

Not to complicate things, but I think my dealer told me the AVR 300 had the capability to biamp channels using the internal amps if you're not using all 7 channels of amplification.

Hope this helps.



Thanks all for the replies.
I was thinking maybe if I go for the fmj power amp and then in a couple of months upgrade the A85? I have no plans to go multichannel at present as whatever I buy in korea I will have to eventually ship back and also I do not watch movies much at present.
Normally I would audition the two option , but now I live in korea this is difficult to do as the dealers never seem to speak english and my korea is ok for buying food but not amplifiers.


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I would suggest that going for the FMJ power amp is the most logical move as it will leave you an upgrade path to a FMJ integrated. I think I'm right in saying that the FMJ power amp will match the A85 gain or you can adjust it. Bi-amping will make the most difference, it certainly has in my experience (not much).


rich smolen

I agree as well. It sounds like the fmj power amp is the best move right now. As far as I know, all Arcam amps have matched gain, so it shouldn't be a problem down the road.

Happy listening.


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I have justed added a P80 to my A75+ and now Bi-amp my Linn Ninka's. This is definately a step up from just bi-wiring and a much cheaper solution than selling the A75+ and buying a better integrated. I'm very happy with the results bi-amping has given me and for relatively low outlay (£320) a p80 was a worthwhile purchase imo.:)


I have decided to get the fmj power amp and will be purchasing it next week. I will let you know the results and the changes it makes to my system.

Thanks for the advice again

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