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What tyres would you recomend?

tony kop77

Well-known Member
I have a Hyaundi Coupe 02 2.0 litre and my front tyre has a puncture but the treading is low anyway so need to buy 2 new tyres for the front while the back is ok until August when they will need replacing too.
I can go for Continental which there is an offer at the moment so I can purchase Continental Conti-Sport Contact 2 which are £114 each or 4 which work out at £79.80 each or another continetal Conti-Sport cxontact 2 which are £95 each work out £66.50 for 4. I have seen Pirelli tyres which are £95 each not on offer though.
Which of the two would you recomend, should I go for the deal or are Pirelli better?

tony kop77

Well-known Member
Thanks think I will go for the continental later today then as 4 tyres for little over £300 including fitting, wheel balamcing and desposiable of my old tyres is a good deal.


Well-known Member
I use Falken FK-451 on my Integra Type-R and am very happy with their performance, wet or dry. Better still is the price at just over £50 a pop. Trust me when I say that I drive pretty fast as well and they have never let me down.


Active Member
Always been impressed with the Toyo proxes too. I tried Eagle F1's, Bridgestone Potenza's and Avon's on my FTO and the Toyo's seemed to be the best all round, their performance in the wet in particular was brilliant.


I had Conti Sport Contacts on my M3 and found them OK, although they generally didn't have a great reputation (for the M3, at least)

The Michelin Pilot Sports on my 911 are fantastic, but very expensive and therefore not necessarily recommended.

Prior to my M3, I had an Audi S3, and ran that with Toyos all round which were a very good compromise between grip, durability and price so that would be my recommendation.

One thing I would say is that they recommend having the tryes with the best grip on the rear of the car (as understeer is typically easier to control / than oversteer) so you should probably get them to put the new tyres on the rear of your car and then transfer the current rear tyres on to the front!

If you are going to need to change the other tyres in just a few months, I'd probably recommend changing them all at the same time, as you should get a better deal that way. You could always keep the tyres as 'emergency spares' in case of a future puncture!

tony kop77

Well-known Member
They were sold out of the Conti tyres and he offered me Dunlop I think it was 4 tyres for £300 but I went for Pirelli 4 tyres with valves and balenced for £320 which I thought was a good deal.


Well-known Member
Awesome - Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta
Brilliant - Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3
Very Good - Toyo T1R/S
Superb for the money - Hankook Ventus K103/4 (£50 a corner)
Very Good - Hankook Ventus RS2 (£70/)
Also worth considering....Fulda (Goodyears budget brand), Falken and possibly Khumo.

Fit the new tyres on the rear !

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