What type of screen?


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Currently putting together my first projector set-up, and domestic harmony issues mean that the screen will be the most complicated factor.

I will have to use a portable screen. Through this forum, I found out about the DRH Lite, which seems ideal.

Apart from one problem. There is only one spot in my (small) room where the screen can go, and that's directly in front of the cabinet where my centre speaker lives. And the screen will be very close to the speaker, which is low to the ground.

So that seems to rule out using a pull-up portable screen such as the DRH Lite.

I've only come up with two alternatives.

The first is a tripod screen, but they seem to be out of favour these days. Does anyone make a high-quality 16:9 tripod screen with a black border?

The second, which might have to be a self-build as I haven't seen a commercial version, would be a fixed screen with a fold-away base to hold it up (not a solid base, obviously, just two legs with supporting braces etc).

Or has anyone another suggestion?



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what is the problem with the drh lite? as long as it is several inches from the speaker it should be ok.


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From what I've read in other threads, having a non-perforated screen in front of a speaker will seriously degrade the sound, unless it's a long way from the speaker (and in my case it would have to be within a few inches of it).


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Even with a perf screen, you have to up the centre speaker volume a little, so you may get away with upping it a few dbs via the amps set-up to get you somewhere nearer a normal volume.


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