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Dec 2, 2020
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We recently rearranged our living room and suddenly the old TV just doesn't seem sufficient. I've spent 4 months deliberating on the perfect replacement and got nowhere!

Upgrading from a Samsung KU6400 49 inch. I think this was a fairly mid tier TV from 5 years ago. But tech has moved on a great deal in terms of HDR since then.

We were watching from about 7/8ft. Viewing distance now is more like 15/16ft. TV now looks tiny, is hard to read (or my eyesight is getting worse) and is dwarfed by the massive wall its against. Honestly if it wasn't for the viewing distance I would probably still be hanging on for a bit longer. But the wall is perfect for 75/85 inch replacement. My fiance thinks I'm crazy and would be burning money by getting a TV this big. But I like my toys!

We have a 5.1 surround sound system. So sound from the TV is not a consideration. The TV is also in our living room, a big room with multiple windows and doors and tons of light. Because of that and because I have no interest in actively preventing or worrying about burn in, and would much rather be stunned by brightness rather than blacks, I think I'm ruling out OLED and only considering LCD.

TV usage would be some sky (including sports, but not very often), lots of streaming netflix/amazon prime, some gaming (for now old gen xbox and ps4 but would like to be future proof and for sure would want to hook up my PC every so often), and some movies. As soon as I get this huge upgrade in a huge size, I'm buying a 4k blueray player to experience exactly what it's capable of!

With all of that in mind and without really a budget to speak of (just trying to make sure I still have a fiance at the end), I've been considering the following TVs in both 75 and 85 inch varieties. I've probably been mulling this over for 4 months at this point and have made no progress, so reaching out for help!

Sony XH950 in 75 inch (currently £2k) or 85 inch (currently £3k)
Samsung 95T in 75 inch (currently £2.7k) or 85 inch (currently £3.6k)
My fiance gets an NHS blue light discount with Samsung, currently 10% (reflected in the Samsung prices above). Until recently though and historically it's been 20% and sometimes even 25%.

From everything I've read the Samsung is a slightly better TV, but with slightly more problems and significantly more variance/lottery. The Sony has better motion handling and is more consistent. I've almost bought the 95T multiple times, but always stopped myself and read just one more thread on here about DSE lottery with this TV or the 24p judder issue. The Sony doesn't seem to have similar issues. Or if it does, I'm not noticing them to the same extent.

Also I'm really not sure how I feel about no Dolby Vision on the Samsung. While I know it supports HDR10+ this already feels like a dying side. Particularly in the 4k blueray market. Surely Samsung will have to at some point support it and I don't really want to be on the wrong side of that change with a forgotten model. I know people probably correctly say the difference between dolby and hdr is minimal and with a TV as good as this with hdr content that gap is even narrower. But still, if I'm buying a TV for 8/10 years that might not always be the case and I would obviously rather have it than not.

I love how the 95T looks with the no gap wall mount. I love ambient+/picture mode stuff. I love the one connect box idea and not having to hide multiple wires (and change them/re-hide them when changing kit). Basically the 95T seems perfect. But it has problems, no Dolby Vision, DSE panel lottery (although I tell myself surely this is less of a concern at 85 inch?) other problems as well. So I don't know. Spending this much on a TV seems stupid unless it really is as perfect as can be.

The Sony is also the TV most recommended seemingly by people on the forum.

Are there any other TVs I should be considering? Anything else I haven't thought of? I'm obviously hoping Samsung offer 20% discount again to my fiance which makes the Samsung's only a touch above the Sony's. That would put them within 10% price wise of one another. Should I just wait at this point and see if next year's (April?) models solve any of these problems and offer anything else? I don't have to buy a new TV, maybe waiting for April makes sense, even if I then get the old models.

So what would you do? The kid in me wants the 85 inch 95T all singing all dancing and to believe it will be perfect. The adult in me says stop being so stupid, get the 75 inch Sony and be happy with what will still be an absolutely monumental upgrade, for considerably less money, with less potential to be dealing with returns about a bad panel.

Thanks in advance for any replies/help!
The two TVs trade blows and you couldn't really pick one over another so the price difference really tells a story right now, the Q95T is just too expensive. You can pick up the 85" XH9505 for not much more than the 75" Q95T and even the 77" LG CX OLED seems a more attractive proposition than the Samsung, despite costing quite a bit more.

If you wait and bide your time with the purchase the Samsung should come down in price, their models have been overpriced so far this year, especially since they actually made a big regression compared to last years models. Buying from Samsung direct can yield a workers discount, but its often with compromise since they don't bundle extended warranties with their sales like retailers often do.

With HDR format support, don't worry so much. What matters more than the HDR formats the TV supports is the pure ability for the TV to display HDR impressively to begin with. The Samsung will still work with Dolby Vision content and be impressive using the standard HDR10 layer. Same vice versa with the Sony if you ever play HDR10+ content. People often get too wrapped up with format support, but either forget that every TV will playback HDR even if it doesn't support Dolby Vision or HDR10+ using the standard HDR10 layer, but also because they assume that a TV supporting a certain HDR format will automatically display that HDR format better - not true! There are key differences outside of format support that make a larger difference between one TV and another with HDR than just the formats.

Perhaps what would be a bigger concern in the sense of future proofing right now would be HDMI connectivity and the display technology itself. Samsung are moving away from LCD TV production to QD-OLED soon, and will probably reserve those TVs to the high end making higher end LCD TVs with FALD largely redundant. LG, Philips and Panasonic have already given up high range LCD TV production in favor of OLEDs and I'd expect Samsung to do the same. With HDMI connectivity the Samsung has 1x HDMI 2.1 port, whilst the Sony none. It's a transition year in that sense, so it will probably be 1 or 2 years from now that we start to see commonly 4x HDMI 2.1 ports instead.

Last thing I can think to mention is Samsung and LG have dropped DTS audio support. That means they won't switch back DTS audio back to a soundbar/AVR which may pose issues if you are connecting devices directly to the TV instead of via an AVR or soundbar, perhaps because you want to take advantage of HDMI 2.1 features.

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