What Tv For Football , Hd, Ps2, Ps3


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have a limit of 1500 but would prefer to spend 700 ish want a tv which will last a long time.....

was thinking of a plasma panasonic if so what model

toshiba 32wlt66

toshiba 37wlt66

have a ps2,
pre ordered ps3
getting hd in 6 weeks
only really watch football on sky, and carttons and odd movie

all advice welcome i want to order today so if u know the right options and any deals/offers please let me know


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i started that post and to be honest got little help, i have now narrrowed it down to the above, what do u think, the less i pay the better but must be ok for my needs.
once i get a few replys ill be ordering:clap:


Do you want a plasma or LCD?
If LCD have you looked at the Panny tx32lxd60 ?
Gets some good reviews...
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