What to use instead of plasterboard?


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Hi All,

My TV is mounted in front of a recess for the cables and plug etc, but along the bottom of the TV you can just see the recess through the clear plastic on the base of the TV.
I want to fill this with something I can paint with emulsion to match the walls, but not plasterboard and have to get it plastered.

The strip I'll put in is about 1m long x 40mm high. I was thinking of using trunking or a piece of MDF, any suggestions on which is best material to use to paint over.



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MDF would be fine. You just need to treat the cut edges carefully (brush on diluted PVA, allow to dry, sand lightly, repeat a couple of times) and prime the wood properly before you put the final colour on. And be prepared to apply several coats - MDF is thirsty stuff!
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