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Hello All

While I’m in the middle of upgrading my cables, l have a few questions that you guys here might be able to help me with.

First of all I have a Pioneer 696AV-S DVD player and a Pioneer VSX1015 Receiver.

Question 1
Which of the two setups would l get better sound quality for playing DVD movies and CD music? Using 1 high quality Coaxial cable or using the 6-channel setup (FR, FL, C, Sub, SR & SL) with high quality cables.

Question 2 (If question one answer is “6 Channel setup”).
Would there be any difference in characteristics in a high quality component cable to a high quality stereo (paired) cable?
The reason why l asks this is because; l would like to run 2x high-grade component cables instead of 3x high-grade stereo cables.

All cables l will be using are the same brand and series.


Joe Fernand

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Hello evltoy

If you output via Optical or Coaxial your using the Audio Decoding in the AV Receiver.

If your Outputting the Multi Channel Analogue signals your using the Decoding in the Disc Player.

Without trying both in your set up its hard to say if you would find one better than another for Movie playback.

You may want to consider Coaxial for Movies (decoding in the AV Receiver) and a Stereo pair for CD Playback (decoding in the Player).

The Coaxial Output is best connected using a 75 Ohm cable - same as you would use for Composite or Component video.

The Analogue Audio outputs are best connected using a 50 Ohm cable - same as you would use for Stereo audio.

VanDamme are a good option for both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm cables.



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The way Joe suggested is exactlt the way I have my DVD connected. I can't notice a great deal of difference for 2.0 stereo either through the co-ax or the stereo interconnects but I had the cable anyway and it does allow me to use the CD input on my amp for CD's and the DVD input for DVDs. My amp remembers the settings for each input so CD is set to stereo direct and DVD to surround which is a lot more convenient than changing the surround mode to stereo on the same input


Thanks guys for you input.

I will be setting up a Coaxial for movies as l have a very good Coaxial cable and prefer to have my Receiver decode as it have more advance features.

For the CD's l will run a good quality Analogue Audio cable.

This sounds liek the way it wshould be done..

Thanks again

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