What to upgrade first….


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Hello, still very new to hifi, please bear with me.

My current set up is:
Amp- Cambridge audio atac 3.
TT- denon dp300f. Using internal phono pre-amp.
Cart- at95ex.
Speakers-mission lx2

Cables and interconnects- cheap Amazon….

Now, I’m going to get some better speaker cable. My question is, if you had to upgrade one thing, what would it be…?

New amp with phono input / new external pre-amp / new cartridge?

Budget of up to £75-£100. No problems with second hand equipment.

Thanks in advance


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75 to 100 probably won't give you any worthwhile improvement I would think. Unless your speaker cable is very thin or substandard it should be fine. I'd probably just buy a streamer or decent Bluetooth or USB dac to give myself more options.

I'd say ideally you'd need to double or triple your budget to do anything more than a sidestep


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Fair enough. Thanks for the reply. It all sounds ok for the time being so will save up and do something a bit more worthwhile along the way. Any other thoughts appreciated…


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If you mean you have Amazon basic then those cables are more than up to the job. No need to spend any more.

I agree with muljao too. You’d need a bigger budget, around the £250 mark at least, to better what you have, and then I’d probably go for a better amp.

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