Answered What to replace my Canon 7D with, Canon or Pannasonic


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I am looking to replace my 7D.

Main reason is I am getting more into video and I no longer shoot motorsport which is why I bought the 7D in the first place.

I also have a 6D which is just a fantastic stills camera but the lack of video autofocus is a pain. Also it would be nice to have two cameras, one for still and the other for video plus I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket :)

So my first thought was to buy a 80D however I then spend 2 hours last night looking a camera reviews on your tube. Looking at comparison reviews between Canon and Panasonic it seems Panny has the edge over Canon when it comes to video. Also Panny have 4K and while not needing 4K I understand 1080p is better when converted down from 4K?

I can get a 80D from HDEW for about £800 so that's my uppermost budget but I don't have to spend that much if there is a better choice.

Any thoughts or views please and what would you reccomend


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My sincerest apologies, I was out with my camera taking pictures today so wasn't able to get right on it.

Besides, it really looks like you're after a dedicated video camera to supplement at least one of your stills cameras. Perhaps the camcorder section of the forums may be more forthcoming with advice?


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Sorry fossil fuel guy, don't get to post here often :)

The 80d is supposed to have the best video focus in the business. Plus you can use all your Canon mount glass. Only 1080p and no video stabilisation except what's on your lens.

The new Panasonic Lumix G80 (also known as G85 and G8 in various regions) has 4k UHD video and five axis image stabilisation on the sensor. So all your primes are stabilised. If you then get a metabones speedbooster you can use your canon glass, and I think also get image stabilisation. I'd check that to make sure. The speedbooster also makes your Canon glass faster (have a lower effective f number). Theres a firmware update expected tomorrow to improve the image stabilisation when panning, check dpreview and m43rumors.






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Yeh, I know, thanks

I ended up buying a camcorder so consider this closed

Thanks for the help tho

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