What to replace my ageing Sony with ??


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Hi all

My eight year old Sony amp is on it's last legs (intermittent sound, loud clicking etc) so am looking to replace it. I only have a budget of £250 so not looking for anything too fancy but sure there must be something half decent at that price level - what would you recommend I get ??

It will be hooked up to

Sony CRT TV (probably to be upgraded at end of year to LCD)
DVD player via optical
Sky+ via phonos
Satellite via phonos
Xbox via optical
CD player via phonos
Tannoy speakers

Was thinking of the CA 540R v2 - would tyhis be a sensible choice ?




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The CA amps (including the 540R v2) are excellent value for money and especially good with musical sources; obviously it doesn't have a lot of features such as surround sound over hmdi or upconversion of analogue video sources but that does also mean the money is concentrated where it matters most namely DTS/Dolby Digital decoding and surround output.

If you're willing to consider second hand, you should also be able to find one of the older av amps/receivers that would be even better (since there are many people upgrading their systems to better handle the new hd surround sound formats).

As Andy98765 said it'll be advantageous to use the optical digital output on Sky+ box as you get proper dolby digital surround that way. Using the phonos means you get only pseudo surround in many instances (via Prologic II). If you need an extra optical digital input on the amp, consider converting one of the coxial digital inputs via an adapter; these can be found at the likes of Maplin.



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The optical for Sky+ is only an advantage if you have the movie channels, you will get proper DD from most of Skys movies but other channels will only give you 2 channel PCM decoded to DPL (or DPLII if your amp supports it) so no better than the phonos really

I'm in a similar sort of situation with my Sony STRDB-870. Its been a cracking amp for surround but I'm also looking to upgrade. Can't make my mind up between the CA amp new or a top end 2nd hand amp from these forums. either would be a good option in my opinion

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