what to put on hdd?



Ive just bought myself a 250gb external hard disk drive as ive ran out of space on my laptops 60gb one. If i want the best performance out of my system for editing, do i now just dump the footage on to the external disk and delete it from the laptop to keep its hdd as free as possible?
If i do this, do i also move the editing program (studio 8) onto the external disk as well and do all my editing on the external disk, or do i leave the program on my laptop and import the footage from the external disk?



For best results you should have ONLY the captured/edited footage on the external drive. Do not put any progs, and that includes Studio 8 on to it.



You can use windows explorer to test that your laptop can see the external disk, cut and paste all the video files ( a few hours surely?- do you NEED that lot?) to the new disk, then set Studio 8 to capture all of your new footage to the external disk.

You dont need to reinstall Studio 8. The programme doesn't have to live there, but only to know where to put, work with and output video to.

You hard disks should be able read and write far faster than edit programmes will ever need, but they do behave better if there's at least one specially for caturing video files.

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