What to look for in a new (32" LCD) TV - Suggestions and comments


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My parents are looking to buy a new TV, to be exact, there second ever new TV. To replace the 21" CRT set that they bought last time, when i was half way through primary school. (Im now 22 and graduated!)

Its main use will be watching live and recored TV, paired with a HDD based freeview recorder, but it will also be used to watch DVDs, also played from said HDD recored (a panasonic, about two-three years old, model unknown at present). Currently there is no games console in the house, and my brother (only one of us left at home) games on the PC, which is expected to remain the case.

We have a whole house Hi-Fi system which includes a pair of floorstanding speakers in the room in question, but at present there is no cabling to support the TV playing through this in any way (preamp is in the next door room) and the TV is in the corner of the room along side on of the two speakers, with the other being the other side of the fireplace, making it a less than ideal option.

We also have a wired/wireless lan with NAS drive containing a number of films and music, which if could be played by the TV (or via something else onto the TV) might be an attactive option. Currently a laptop in th other room is used to play music from the NAS drive through the house.

This was all stemmed off by them being in Comet over the weekend christmas shopping and mum (usally against tvs) seeing all the much thinner, brighter, LCD screens on display.

Speaking to the woman, they where recomended the Panasonic TX-L32S20BA

LINKY DINK which seems to have a fairly good review here.

So basically just wondering what features, functionality, etc they might be able to make use of, and thoughts on this TVs suitabilty.



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