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After a lot of looking about I had decided to go for either the Samsung 50C6900 at about £1050 with a 5 year warranty but then saw the 50C7000 at about £1200 and it had me wondering if the 6900 was an old model and I was better off going for a newer model. These were both with the Blu-ray player and Shrek deal with 3 pairs of glasses

I then saw the 46C7000 Led at Costco for £1200 ish but no Blu-ray etc so it would be another £100/£200 extra for the Blu ray.

Today while looking in the TV department of a local store and talking to a salesman he said that they had one cancelled order of a Samsung 46C8000 with the Blu ray player and Shrek deal, 5 year warranty and 6 months interest free for £1349, this was £500 cheaper than their 'normal' price. This had me tempted !

Went to the Sony shop and they had the 46NX713 with a bundled PS3, GT5, 3 glasses, 5 year warranty and 12 months int free for £1375 with the vat back.
Only thing with this was the separate sender unit seemed a bit strange when every other set has them built in. Picture looked lovely though.

What does everyone reckon between my choices, save £300 plus and go for the bigger plasma or one of the others.

Pro's and Con's please ??

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