What to expect from HDMI-CEC PS50C6900


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I have a Samsung PS50C6900 with a Samsung HT-C5900 3D home Cinema.
I have read and e-read the documentation for each device but connot discover what to expect from HDMI2 on the TV. The port is HDMI-CEC, should I be able to get sound from standard TV down to the home cinema via an HDMI 1.4 cable? If so what settings must I adjust? I currently have tried with the 1.4 cable connected to the Input and then the Output HDMI on the Home cinema. When 'Anynet' is selected in TV 'tools' menu the Home Cimema switches to 'D In' but no sound is heard. The optical input is used for Sky HD box, this also uses 'D In'.
With the 1.4 cable connected to HDMI2 on the TV and HDMI input 2 on the home cinema no sound can be heard from the Home cimema with the Source set to HDMI2 on the home cinema.
Any help appreciated
Thank you

kwikwai phil

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being the happy father of kwikwai, a product that aims at bridging CEC to the outside world, I'm googling a lot in order to gather as much information as possible on CEC.
I saw a lot of questions and issues on the ARC topic and your request rang a bell asI saw something similar on a french speaking forum (here is the link in case you read French).

I'm afraid that the HT-C5900 3D home Cinema is the issue as it doesn't seem to support ARC.

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Hi Phillippe, thanks for the reply.
I am now trying to use an optical switch so the I can switch between SKY HD box and any content I want to play from the TV, however, I loose sound the second I but the switch inbetween any device! Directly coneecting Sky HD ot TV to the home cinema optical works fine, as soon as I add the switch, nothing!

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