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Got an old style xbox which I've been using fine for the last year, yet this morning I was tempted into buying the 250Gb Slim with Fifa 11 for £200

Bought it thinking I could use it upstairs while the wife plays Fable. Wasn't till I got it home and started thinking what I needed to sort out, it dawned on me.

I have 1 xbox live account (which is due for renewal in Jan) which all game saves are against (mine & wifes)

To play with my profile on either machine, I'd need to buy a USB and move the profile to it.
Don't play much offline, but assume I'd have to configure game saves to it as well?
DLC I could re-download (or move to USB as well)

For us to play at the same time I'd need another live account (or Family version) + pen drives
Then if I'm buying a pen drive (16gb probably) do I need the 250 when a 4gb model could be fine?

Not sure if we'd play separately enough to warrant all this hassle and tempted to take it back :facepalm:

Sorry for the essay - Just want to make sure I'm not missing something....


The best solution would be to create a gamertag for your wife (either an offline one, free Xbox Live Silver one, or Gold if she does online gaming), get 2 USB sticks, then put your gamertag and saves on one stick, and her gamertag and saves on the other. The only real hassle with this is your wife has been playing games with your gamertag, so she'll have saves that are tied to it.


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I am hoping with the next version of the Xbox they make the profiles auto-synch online so that I can have a couple of xboxes in the house and just use whichever one I feel like and automatically have my saves etc all up to date.
The DRM issue will only allow you to play either on the assigned console that you downloaded the dlc or with the account that you downloaded with. That means one system could be online and the other offline and both be fine with all DLC.

You can download your game history again via Xbox.com and leave your box on over night to complete it.

The family account was designed to sort this all out. It seems that if you get the option on your account all other profiles can still read your DLC and everything else.

Maybe its time you had a talk with your wife to tell her its time she went on her own ;) if not then the offline and online thing might work for you.


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why not move all your DLC to the console downstairs so it works for everyone and then if it's only you using the upstairs one use your GT to access it there and your wife can have a new GT for herself with silver membership to play downstairs, unfortuntely she may have to restart fable with this option.

I'd stick with the 250gb console though, definitely keep the games installed to the hard drive even on the new slims

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