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Hey guys,
I have the below equipment left from my dad and I don't know what is compatible with what, what is best and how to set it up... I need to get some brackets to hang the satellite speakers and also I don't think my audio cable is long enough to go round the room so I'll need a roll of cable?
Tannoy Mercury mC B/Eye - Centre speaker?
Denon AVR-1612 - Amp?
Boston soundware x4 - satellite speakers?
Tannoy revolution r1 x2 - side speakers?
Eltax HT-2 Biploar x2 - side speakers?
Monitor audio bronze BRW-10 - sub?
TEAC CR-H250 - receiver?
Thanks in advance!


The Denon AVR 1612 is a five channel receiver. You can connect three front speakers and two surround speakers plus a sub woofer to it. This is what you would use connected to your TV for surround sound. Your front three will be the Tannoys. The Eltax will be the surround speakers. The Denon is fairly old now and out of date with 4K and would be virtually obsolete with a 4K TV.

The TEAC is a mini music system and is a separate unit entirely and cannot be connected to the Denon. You could use two of the Boston with that maybe. It looks like you have two speakers to spare.


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Sounds like a great way to get in the addiction which is Home Cinema... Gibbsy totally Right.. Just need a nice long reel of cable to get all the speakers positioned an run the speaker setup on the amp..

Good Luck


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the av receiver is still perfectly fine if you dont need 4k pass through or the latest gadgets. its still much better than a budget soundbar.

simply connect via the tv's digital out into the av amp.
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