What to do with my Edge magazines...


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Just wondering whether it would be worth sticking them up for sale. I'm moving to a new flat and would like to move with a minimum amount of clutter. I have issues in near mint condition from the last 4 years or so. It seems a waste to throw them out. What do people do with old mags they have no space/use for?


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I agree it does seem a shame just binning (or recycling) them. Personally if you had the room I'd keep them for posterity (or at least some of the older ones). I'd love to have kept some of my original spectrum (Your Sinclair, et al) and PC (PC Review) magazines for posterirty - it's fun re-reading them years later.

As for selling them, not sure how much they'd be worth, probably have to find someone nearby to pick them up due to weight posting though. Probably still not worth a huge amount tough I would guess.


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I threw out hundreds of games mags about 20 years ago...Crash, Zzap64, Your Sinclair, Sinclair User, C&VG etc etc. Certainly wished I'd kept them now, a fond reminder of my younger years when life was so much easier :lesson:


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They used to fetch a fair price on ebay about 5 years ago, not sure what demand is like nowadays but might be worth checking out. Of course posting cost will be huge ;)

Personally i've kept all mine, I missed issue 1 for some reason, got all but a couple up until issue 160 ish when I stopped buying it. They do take up a bit of space, but its quite entertaining to look back ;)

I've still got a couple of issues of Crash, maybe a YourSinclair lying about and about 200 2000AD comics from the 80's. Wish i'd kept better care of these though.

if you want a little Crash nostelgia you can check out Crash Magazine Online


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Inside Hytale, the astounding Minecraft-beater poised to take over the world.

I see it being developed for Windows & MacOS for now. Due 2021




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To be honest, I had absolutely no idea EDGE magazine was still going! 😲

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