What to do with Linn kelidths and lk140


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Hi all I've recently been given a pair of Linn kelidth speakers and an lk140 power amp to go with them. Problem is my current amp (ion obelisk 2) doesn't have pre outs and to be honest is a bit lacking in inputs and could do with moving on from. This leaves me with a bit of a query in what do i buy as a pre amp. The end goal would be a system that can still has a phono stage input, can play c.d.'s (already have Linn karik cd player) and have a streamer with DAC for TV inputs (don't mind that coming later) problem I have is I have max budget of around 800 currently for the pre amp side of the system but the only amps that fit that budget are integrated and having no experience joining integrated amps with a power amp I'm not sure how well they will go together and I'm not convinced that as the majority of people don't use pre outs on integrated amps that manufacturers don't fit them as an afterthought.

Basically I'm wondering if anyone has any experience fitting Linn amps/speakers into modern cheaper systems or what sort of used pre amp do people suggest I look at. I've seen an audiolab 8200cdq as a possible contender but no experience with that make and it would require a sperate phono stage.

Thanks for your insights
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linn have a number of preamps that will work with the LK140, some have built in phono. Have a search for Wakonda, Kolektor, Kontrol, Kairn. Not sure of the relative order in the Linn line up but I think Kairn (ideally with the “Brilliant” power supply) followed by Wakonda then Kolektor seems to be the order but could be wrong. All should be in budget and if it does not come with a phono input then a preamp around £200-250 would sort you out.
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