What to do with 4km of Cat5 cable?


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I've got a ton of cat5 cable after refurbing my office from the previous owner - we're talking 100 lengths of a least 40m (so roughly 4km). I know it can go to a scrappies, but for a minimal amount (?). Any other suggestions?

I'm planning on installing a new CCTV system, so I suppose it can be used for POE cameras? I'd also read some suggestions about it's possibility as speaker cable?


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I wouldn't consider it as speaker cable, thin wire is fine for a digital signal but not for speakers.

You could always stick it on ebay?


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Cameras are a good idea. Standard cable is not great for use outside if it runs underground or in rodent infested areas, but seems to last pretty well fixed up on walls. Mine is over 10 years old and has not aged at all.

Useful for all ip based stuff, but not for speaker wire really. You need to twist the cores together to get a decent cross sectional area and being solid core, it's hard to terminate and not have it fail quite quickly.


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Thanks guys - I will use a handful of lengths but am debating what to do with the rest. It'll probably take several hours to strip out as full lengths, so if it's near worthless I'd be better cutting it up and stripping it'll be fast, then off to the scrappies. Will be too heavy to courier, I'd say.

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