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I posted recently regarding replacing my buzzing Hitachi PMA400e and received some excellent advice pointing me in the general direction of a 6 series panasonic or a pioneer 433/434 .

I have decided that I like the advantages of the Pioneer (good repuataion for after sales support as well as better res and HDMI).

Richer Sounds have once again impressed me. They have tried to get hold of the pioneer for me but have come back and said that they are unfortunately unable to. They've suggested I look at a Toshiba which I have and don't fancy. So, the end result is that 5 months after buying the TV, they have offered me a full refund so that I can buy the one that I want elsewhere. Regrettfully, I must take them up on this offer.

So, I now have my £2500 back, and before I take the plunge again I want to find out whether I should consider a projector system over a plasma, bearing in mind that I'm going to have to chuck in another £1000 quid or more to get the pioneer.

My questions then,
1. Do I wait for the 434mxe to come out in the hope that the 433mxe comes down significantly in price before I buy?
2. Do I spend the £2500 on a projector system and have much larger image on my wall?
3. Do I throw all caution to the wind and pick up the <edited> 503HDE </edited> from Richer Sounds for the bargain price of £4400?

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01. There has been a slight reduction in the price of the PDP-433MXE reflecting that the 43MXE-1 units will soon arrive - though don't expect a huge price drop on 433MXE as Pioneer don't seem to have that many to shift.

02. If this is your only viewing system be sure you can live with the very low light levels you reqiure to ensure a decent image from a projector.

If you need a multipurpose system for day-time and night-time viewing why not consider a Panasonic TH-42PWD6BX 42" Display PLUS an entry level LCD (Sanyo PLV-Z2) or DLP (ThemeScene H30) projector; it wont be much more expensive than a 50" PlasmaTV to have both.

03. No; go for a much smaller and friendlier supplier (preferably one based in Scotland):)

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