What to do about my rear speakers




I've got a speaker dilema and I'm looking for some advice. My current 5.1 setup consists of the following:

2 x Tannoy Mx4
1 x Tannoy mxC
2 x Tannoy Mx1

I'm moving my whole setup into a different room and upgrading to 6.1 at the same time and this is where I have a problem. Where my side wall rears should be there are windows on each side. So as far as I can see the only two things I can do are to either mount the four rears in the ceiling, or find four small rears that could go near the ceiling.

Do you know of any smaller speakers that will complement the Mx4 and MxC. Are there any sound distribution problems in placing the rears very high up in the room. Are there any viable options for speakers that could be mounted in the ceiling?

Thanks for any suggestions.


For the more pedantic among us, I mean 7.1 :rolleyes: :p

Anyone have any more useful comments?

Crocodile JD

Active Member
Mount the speakers on stands? Kef eggs have higher than normal stands. Gallo pod designs might be OK on the ceiling. (Normal height for rears is 1.8m, or 2/3 ceiling height. Kef also do discreet designs for inwall/ceiling installations.



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