What to do about buzzing transformer used w/plasma tv?


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Does anyone know a solution to a loudly buzzing/humming transformer? Any way to stop the noise other than stop using it?

Here's the situation: We just moved from the UK to back the US, and brought with us a beloved 50" plasma TV. Hooked it up through a 2000 watt transformer even though the tv is only 350 watts (my understanding is you should double the wattage of the TV to accommodate power spikes, and we more than did that). Hooked it up via hdmi to a cable box and it works perfectly. Picture and sound is great, we get all the channels. I had purchased a pal/ntsc video converter but didn't have to hook it up.

So all is well and good, but the transformer makes a loud hum. The hum sort of goes up and down, in and out, and my husband can't stand it. It makes me a bit ill to think we could've sold that TV before moving, not to mention the blu-ray player and multi-region dvd we brought from the UK to go with it, and here I can't imagine who would buy it. Even disposing of it will be a hassle as it's big and weighs nearly 100 pounds.

So, is there some solution to that damn buzzing noise? We did try a 500 watt transformer too just to see if that would alleviate the problem, and it didn't.

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