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What to do about a not really faulty PCU13


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Hi there

I'm a bit confused about what to do about this.

I bought a second hand PCU13 back in 2008, it was iirc about 18 months old at the time. After I got it home I found that after unplugged it would take about 15 minutes for it to power up again. If left on standby there were no problems.

I then found this was a known issue with some early models

Ultra amps & their 2 minutes of "OFF TIME" ?? | AVForums

I didn't bother to do anything about it as it never caused me any problems. As I said when on standby there were no issues at all and if I did unplug to move it around after 15 minutes it would always fire up.

I used it from 2008-2013 and it has performed faultlessly, since then it's been stored because I'm having building works done on my house.

Anyway I now want to sell it as I want to go in a different direction when I hopefully have a new dedicated room.

I thought it might be worth replacing the amp so as not to put off any prospective buyers. I contacted LSound to see whether they could help in anyway but given it's well out of warranty they can't offer me any concessions of any kind. They will sell me a new amp but at a cost of circa 600 euros.

I'm assuming it's not worth replacing the amp at that kind of cost in terms of resale value?

So should I just sell making the buyer fully aware of the issue? How should I adjust the asking price?

Just to be clear, the only issue with it is this 15 minute lag when unplugged, apart from that it works perfectly.

Thanks for your help


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Just make the buyer aware and maybe knock a token £50 off as the sub still works subject to the few mins "warm up time". If it's left in standby there is no issue and most folks tend to leave them like that, I do with all my subs other than my current main subs that have separate amps so I just fire those up when needed.


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Thank you. Not sure if this is an appropriate question but any idea what it is worth?


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I would think about £650 so if you initially offer it at £700 + shipping then knock off £50. If you end up with £600 nett allowing for some shipping that should be about right.

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