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I am putting together my first home cinema system and have already bought a panasonic tv and a set of kef 2005 speakers.I would like a dvd player that can play cd's with a good quality sound but I cant find one.Can anyone give me a few suggestions please.I am also looking at the denon avr3802.Has anyone got one out there? are you happy with it??


I have got the Denon 3802 and it is a great receiver and would highly recommend it. This is my second av amp, but I still find some of the setting up a little bit confusing and the instructions could be better (IMO:) ), but if you do find this then just post a question on this forum and the hundreds of 3802 users will jump to answer the qustion(s):D
As for DVD, what is your budget? I have just got a Tosh SD900E for £700 multi region (originally £1300 when released and still sold for aroud £1000 from some retailers.). This has great CD playback but might be a bit too expensive, if so do a search to see what is recommended.

Good luck


Thanks mark. The dvd is a bit out of my price range this time as I have had to buy everything from scratch. The search continues!!

cheers oz


You can't go wrong with Pioneer or Toshiba, both makes will reward you with good quality images and sound. Prices start from about £100.

If you are wanting it more for music then maybe a look at some of the players that are capable of DVD-A, it will still play your CD's and DVD's but you will benefit from the new format as well, not many titles available to date but it is bound to increase. I have just picked up a Toshiba 520 £300, watched Vertical Limit last night and the PQ is top notch, and the sound was pumped through a Denon 3801, what more could I want. BTW the avalanches and a Velodyne CHT15 :eek:

Just going to order my first DVD-A, yes it's going to be The Eagles, have heard so much about this disc I'm going to find out for myself what the fuss is all about. :)

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