What to buy without returning?


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I'm in the market for a 32" but I live in Ireland, so have limited retail choice (and scary prices). HiwayHifi.com is one of the few mail-order firms I've found that will ship to Ireland, so I am now able to avail of the great UK deals :)

However, I have my doubts about 100Hz digital technology. Pretty much every model I've considered seems to have caused problems for people here. I've seen the Philips 32PW9527 and Panasonic TX-32PH40 in stores and both look very nice. I'm also considering the Sony KV-32FQ80, but I'm concerned with both the conflicting opinions and seemingly variable quality of all these sets, as reported on this forum :(

I'm now wary of ordering one from the UK, as multiple returns in the hope of "lucking" into a decent set is not a real option for me...

Also, since TV signals are variable in Ireland, I'm wary of what problems this will cause for 100Hz digital processing. I want the best possible picture for DVDs though, so which 100Hz models allow me to maybe switch to good quality 50Hz for terrestrial broadcasts (like football!).


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I'd advise against the TX32PH40. It has fine picture quality, but the digital processing ranges from adequate to horrendous.

It was painful to watch any sport with this set. I've sent mine back recently.


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If you can get one I would check out the Sony 32fx66 .......steer clear of the Philips 9527 especially if you like footie as this set has serious trouble delaing with motion I had one for a week and was very dissapointed:thumbsdow

Now got the Sony and it's the pigs t*ts:smashin:


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Thanks for digging up my long-dead thread guys! :p ;)

In fact, I ended up sourcing a Sony KV32FX66 in a high street store here in Ireland on sale for about the same price they're available for in UK.

Had it a month now, and am very happy with it :)

Apart from:

Buzzing from the power supply :rolleyes: Not too bad - I'd say I have a medium-level problem going by the rest of you buzzing-Sony owners, so I'm hoping it will die down after time.

Horizontal picture bowing. I've managed to correct all the other minor geometry probs in the Service Menus, but there doesn't seem to be a setting for horizontal bow :(

I was happy in the end that I bought from a local store, in case I had any problems with the set. EXCEPT that the store went out of business the very next week :eek: :mad:

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