what to buy from currys philips ?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by RON, Sep 21, 2002.

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    My old tv a 33 inch square furgerson has died and i have £2000 to spend at currys dixonns it has to be spent there no where else.

    I have looked ihave read through forum i have read what vid and what hifi and have looked again at which point i got tv blindnes saimilar to snow blindnes it makes all tvs from 14" to 42" look the same.

    they do a package of the philips 36pw9607 low end dvd and a video rec which i quite liked although i was going to get a tosh 220 dvd.

    I just would like some help as in what would you buy in the 36" 32 " range from them if you had to and what would be a good dvd low cost like tosh 220 210 with cheap amp and speaker from richer sounds say.

    any idears and ifo will be apreciated as begining to go a bit mad .
    By the way the 32 " selection is because im considering not spendig it all on a tv alone or at least the girlfriend has that idear.
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    Gosh - where to start...

    If you buy from Curries, you should still be able to get the following package if you try - Samsung 42" rear projection TV, with Samsung DVD and VCR, plus a DTT set top box - probably Grundig.

    That would cost around £1,700 which would leave you enough money to buy something nice from Richer Sounds for audio.

    Check it out and tell the girl friend you need it for research purposes...

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