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What to buy-2nd Digitalstream 8205U or?


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I have a Digitalstream DHR8205U. I am very happy with it (apart for how long it takes to delete files).
I am in the market for a second Freeview HD recorder. This one for a bedroom.

Firstly can I set the second one to a different remote control frequency to avoid clashes between the two machines when I try and use the remotes (i.e. change channel on one and it changes the channel on the second)


Do I get a different machine altogether? (I am not too keen on the Humax hdr-fox t2 due to having to replace two different machines due to problems with them,18 month ago).
Any suggestions?
I still want to record two channels (or more) while watching/playing a third. Picture quality is high on the agenda.
One aerial 'in' socket would be good.
500gb hard drive.

Thanks in advance


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Unless you are doing fancy things with smartphones, virtually all remote controls use an infra-red LED to transmit the control codes to the box. This requires the receiver on the box to be able to "see" the remote control - although there are a few circumstances where you can bounce the signal off a wall or mirror. So unless you have a glass ceiling there is no need to worry about the same remote control being used in separate rooms.

I am not sure if there are any (FVHD) PVRs which allow you to record two and watch a third live - in most cases it is watch a recording while recording two off air.

You may notice that the "second generation Freeview HD+" boxes call Youview are about to be released. These are designed to also connect with catchup services and, in future, other IPTV services in a seamless fashion to the viewer. While these extra features and simplicity of operation may not appeal to you, their appearance may well mean the price of the existing PVRs will come down over the next few months.

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