What system - without DVD player - should I get?



Hi everyone,

I have a nice television and a good DVD player and now want to buy an amplifier and 6.1 speakers.

I have been thinking of getting a good 6.1 amp in the 500 euro range and a speaker package such as Kef eggs or something.

However, my current flat is a 35 sqm loft and AV part of the loft is maybe 12-17 sqm, ie small. I therefore don't think I need a very big system at the moment (but I take your opinions on this please)

The alternative would consequently be to buy a small all-in-one system, like the Sony DAV S550, but since I already have a DVD player I don't need the DVD player.

So my question: Are there any "mini" systems of at least some quality with only speakers and amp?

Thanks a bunch for your help

All i can say really is that with the s550 you do get progressive scan and super audio CD capability. Depends what your current player is?
Thanks for your quick reply.

I have the HK DVD 25 so I've already got both PAL and NTSC prog scan.

Any more ideas?
This is the all in one forum, but your best bet sounds like a yamaha amp and something like the kef eggs you mention. As you've got a seperate dvd player anyway this won't result in any more boxes. What is your display device?
This is why I post here: I wasnt sure if there are all in one systems without DVD players.

The fact still remains that the current listening room is small and I think even the Eggs could be too big possibly.

Its a 32ZD36 (whatever that has to do with things)
the term 'all in one' normally means with dvd player not just speakers and amp. I only asked about the display in case you could get away without the harmon kardon without losing quality.

Anyway a possible option is the JVC THA-75R. Its a 6.1 all in one with dvd player but is well reviewed and has excellent picture and sound. Its not capable of the high volume of some other systems but is still capable of quite high volume.

Its available here for about £250 plus postage;


It has an optical input so you can use it with your existing dvd player. You may find that the picture from it is as good as the harmon kardon or close to it on your set and decide you can do without the hk player. The JVC is also available in a multiregion version for about £25 more from the same supplier.

Anyway its worth considering if you can live with having two dvd players at the same time.

There are some reviews of the jvc at www.electrictown.co.uk
Thank you very much for this information! I'll have a look.

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