What sync speed should i expect with the following stats?


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Hi everyone,

Just in the process of moving into my new place. Our Sky broadband connection was activated last week. Now I understand that Sky operate a 10 day test period to determine what your line can handle before becoming unstable. Were now on day 7/8 and im a little disappointed to see that were only achieving 11mbit when we were syncing at 8mbit on day 3. (I've been away for a few days so not seen what's happened the days in between).

Long before our line and broadband was reactivated I removed all extensions and fitted an NTE2000 faceplate so internal wiring can't be an issue.

Connection stats are posted below. Is anyone able to give me an idea of how they look? Should the line be able to handle more? I'm still hopeful that the line may pick up speed over the next couple of days but im curious in the meantime.





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It can be faster the noise margin is set high, email them and tell them to put you on gamer profile or tell them to reduce the noise margin and say you want the maximum speed you can get and don't don't care about errors

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