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I need to buy a new sub woofer but I am not sure what sort of power I need ...

I used to have a mission e8as1 that was a 350 watt sub. That was excellent but I only had it up to 4 (volume) most of the time.

My front room is about 6m by 4m with wooden floors.

Of course I could spend £500 on a more modern 300 watt sub, but would I be wasting my money when I could just spend £300 on a 200 watt sub and no tell much difference?


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You can`t judge product only by looking amp power. Looking the specs of the e8as1 it has 10" + 10" passive radiator in a 30litre cabinet, 350w class-d amp. FR specs:

In-room Frequency Bandwidth -6 dB at 32 Hz
Frequency Response ±3dB 36 Hz — 150 Hz

So if you look BK P12-300SB-PR it has 12" + 12" passive radiator in 50litre cabinet and BK claims in-room response lower than 20hz -3db. You get larger drivers, larger cabinet with deeper tuning. This is going to perform better with 300w amp.

Of course if you are looking even larger jump in performance to fill your room better for similar price then BK Monolith for about 510-510£ shipped. Now here you have large 95litre cabinet with ported design and 12" driver. You get more output in the 20-36hz region especially and more impact with movies. Again only with the 300w amp.



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That's a fairly large room, so no you won't be wasting money by getting a better sub, in fact I'd be looking at monolith/monolith plus, monoprice 10/12" thx sub.

If you bought two JTR captivator subs you would be wasting wouldn't use quarter of the output.


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A bit of a curve ball option, purely because it is less well known here in the UK is the KLH Windsor Range, they are just going End Of Line now and have some massive Black Friday Savings on them. The 12" is down from £629 to £299 and an AVS Top Choice.

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That's a hell of a discount, but the specs aren't great. I know there's more to a sub than specs, but 32Hz isn't a great lowest frequency.


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I dont disagree, but different people want different things, so good to get these out there.

There is always our welcome bonus to give the OP savings in the store.

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