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Hi everyone! As you can see below I currently own a REL Strata III but have started to notice it run out of steam lately. On some movie sequences the set safe kicks in and reduces the output. So Im looking for a new sub. I have my kit in a dedicated room so looks arnt an issue. The room measures 5m by 3.5m and is an upstairs room. I have all my speakers and sub on concrete carpet covered slabs to reduce transmission into the floor as well as sound reduction materials under my carpet. I have read with interest some of the very positive feedback on SVS, but I'm not sure which model would be right? I like the idea of either the PC Ultra or maybe the PB2 Plus. Im a bit worried however that the PB2 Plus would be a bit too much for my room. I prefer a very tight and accurate sound with real impact over ultimate deep frequency response. I cant stand resonance or bass boom, although I do have TMREQ on my side to help eliminate any such problems. Any suggestions or personal experiences would be great.

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I tnink that in terms of bang per buck you won';t be able to beat the 20-39 PC Plus which is cheaper and less powerful than the two that you mentioned but more than capable of tightness, accuracy and depth that you will have never heard from your Strata 3.

I went from Storm 3 to 20-39 PC Plus and the difference was staggering.


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A PB-2 Plus won't overpower your room either imho, might be worth dropping the SVS guys an email with your room dimensions, they offer good advice (even if they still haven't sent my sub yet:().

You could also look at adding another Strata to your setup, look to the classifieds for some good deals.

Alternatively look for something like 2nd hand Servo 15s, @ £450-£500 for a 2nd hand one they represent good vfm.

Otherwise, you could also look at a second hand HGS-18, as they come up for sale every now and again - but you'd be looking at a cost of at least £1350.

There are others out there I'm sure, but the ones above are the only subs I'm familiar with.


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I have mailed SVS, but I think I would go for the PC Ultra as it incorporates the best quality components for a very reasonable price. I just dont think that my room size justifies a twin drive unit sub. I would rather go for quality than quantity and the PC Ultra does have the best drive unit and amp.

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