What sub to complement Canton CD50's ?


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Can anyone reccomend a budget sub to complement my setup.

I have 3 Canton CD50's as the left - centre - right fronts running from a Denon 1906.

I looked at the Canton subs but wondered if there were any other that would work better with this setup.

Ideally around the £100 - £150 mark to stay in budget!

Thanks for any help!


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Any ideas guys?

I am a man in need! Got to get it quick before her indoors won't let me spend anymore!


Hi :hiya: ,

Have a look on ebay at Ruark vita 50, gets good reviews on the forums, roughly around the £130 mark.

Got one my self and it is good for both movies & music, I will be teaming it up with Canton CD100, CD50 & CD10's very soon :smashin:

Unless of course you can stretch a little and go for an REL Quake.

Hope this helps :)

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