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What Sub and Where to put it?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Crazer, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Crazer

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    Dec 4, 2004
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    I have 2 problems if anyone can help :lease:

    1. I am in need of a sub for my system (denon AVR3805 amp, Mission volare-v61 fronts, V6C Centre and M5ds surrounds) and have about £500 at present. I was thinking of possibly Mission M5AS sub, KEF PSW3000, or an REL sub. Could anyone provide me with a recomendation as it is impossible to test them next too each other where I live. Or is it worth waiting to save more money for somthing around the £1000 mark i.e. PV1.

    2. Where could I put it. I've inserted a rough diagram of my living room (5.5m*4.2m open plan). My wife is very much against having any kind of box visble on the floor. I thought about putting it behind the AV rack which contains a DVD player, Media box for the plasma, and the amp. Would this be OK or would it ruin the sound and/or make the AV rack vibrate too much. Another possiblity would be under the stairs behind a 3 seater.

    Thanks for anyhelp this problem :confused:


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  2. missionman


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    As you will be setting the speakers to SMALL in your setup, the sub is best positioned near the front speakers as it is carrying LF information associated with these. Otherwise behind the sofa under the stairs would be a good place, so by all means try it. The m5as is a very powerful large sub, so check it fits the space. Don't worry too much about vibration, any possible interference from a sub to the electronics will be acoustic anyway and thus will occur wherever you put it.

    Mr Mission

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