What Stereo Amp to power B&W WM2 Outdoor Speakers


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Hello - just joined the forum - looks full of useful info.

I've had a good search, but haven't found an answer yet, so thought I'd post the above question. (Apologies in advance for the length of this post).

Basically, we have a reasonable (if quite old) separates indoor system with Marantz CD (forgot the model), Sugden C28 pre-amp, and 2xSugden P28 power amps running Rogers LS6 speakers. Also a Project Expression II turntable bought more recently....

Anyway, we are looking to have some music on the patio, and my wife especially wants a reasonable sound quality. (Opening the patio doors to listen to music on the indoor system doesn't sound good, and means having the indoor system at a fairly high volume - not a very good solution).

She's also concerned that the sound should be of a good quality - (better than the walkman CD and A&E Aevo M Sub & satellites in the kitchen).

So searching the web, I've come up with the B&W WM2 (or possibly WM4) weatherproof speakers. Several recommendations on these from threads on this forum also. We'd look to mount these on the external wall facing away from the house covering the patio area. Is this sensible?

What I also need to decide is how to drive them. I was thinking along the lines of a reasonably basic stereo amp? Budget of say £200 for the amp?

Also, in terms of the source, would it be possible to use the source via the Sugden C28 pre-amp. It basically has a tape monitor/tape in and out connections, so could I just take the "tape out" and connect it to the input side of the new stereo amp. Would this also allow the same source to be played inside as well as outside, but with the ability to vary the relative volume levels? I'd like to avoid having to plug things in each time we want to use this if at all possible.

Sorry for all the questions and the long post, but hope you can help....




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Those B&W speakers are pretty good - I've used them before with success. Monitor Audio's outdoor speakers are also very good and very well priced.

Using the tape out should work fine (not familiar with the exact model). What I'd suggest is then using a dedicated power amp for the outdoor speakers and running the cable through a volume control near the outdoor speakers. There's a wide range of in-wall or on-desk volume controls available, which would also mean you could change the volume without running back to your main rack.

Incidentally, I'm selling a Rotel RB-06 power amp at the moment which would be ideal for your needs... ;)


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