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Looking at purchasing a new home cinema setup and quite fancy the Onkyo TX-NR616 receiver however I'm a little unsure of what would be a good set of speakers to compliment this system. My initial thoughts are a set of Tannoy V4s initially and then purchase the various centres/rears at a later date. Have set my budget for what I'd spend but looking at around £250-500 for a pair of fronts.



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Your best option is to go listen to a few and see what you think. Wharfedale and Tannoy are often recommended for Onkyo receivers but you should also listen to Kef, Focal and Monitor Audio to name but a few. To get the most from the 616 I would be looking at close to the £500 area to be honest for the front pair.

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If you're looking at floorstanders, try the Monitor Audio BX5's, as these work very well with decent quality AV receivers. If you're looking at standmounts, try KEF's Q300's. Both of these are easy to drive, and the 616 will cope easily. I would tend to recommend staying away from speakers rated at 4ohm impedance as these will present a more awkward load to the amplifier - receivers can overheat and even cut out when dealing with speakers they're not designed to handle. To deal with speakers that dip to 4ohms, you'd need to be looking at the likes of the 818 as a starting point.

The V4's you mention should also work very well too.
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The Focal 716V SE are worth listening to as well.. easily driven by the Onkyo.

You don't mind big boxes which always makes life easier :). Get some listening time in as thats the best way to narrow them down as there are plenty of options if you don't have a preference on looks/colours ect... What size room are they going into?

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if the 616 is your choice then i`d recommend you take a listen to some MK`s either the M5`S or M7`s depending on your room size.

if this system is for cinema room use as in movies rather than music then pay attention to speakers that our intended to be used for that application.

Room size will/should determine the speakers as well but more important is to try to demo some in similar conditions to your own room, this unfortunatley isn`t also as easy to achieve but worth having a go

don`t automatically choose speakers that have be designed with HiFi/music as their forte if using for movies, for movies you need performance, detail and accuracy rather than stringed instrument perfection.


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