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Hi all
Newbie here so be gentle!

I'm in the process of speccing up a new home cinema system, am happy with the DVD, Amp etc and now for the speakers. The ones that have caught my eye are the Mordaunt Short Premier Package from Richer Sounds...


They're about the right size for my room (I think) but I have got a little more to spend if needs be.

My room is 5mx5m so I'm not too sure if florr standing speakers would be a bit overkill. I'm also new to the whole speaker thing so not sure if MS are a good make. Anyone have any advice or recommendations? I do want a package rather than buying seperates so I need the 2 front, 2 rear, centre and sub included.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ed Selley

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It is bad form to sing the praises of your own companies product too hard but the Premiere is at least a well reviewed product (reviewed at £500). If Richer still have them at £300 then they are certainly worth considering. I will warn you now that Mordaunt Short are changing the colour/chassis edge of the premeire shortly so addtional centres etc in the future will be a slightly different colour (but with almost identical performance). You will also be able to change any component to any other in the MS range as they are designed to match tonally (for example I have a 304 centre rear in a 900 series set up (as the driver characteristics are the same as our bipole.


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5mx5m is a quite big room!

The MS premiere a very good system, I don't think it is powerful enough for your room size. For best price do this - http://www.hificonfidential.co.uk/moreinfo.cfm?id=223 - can be had for £260 (unless, you give them a call and ask the instore price) when using this link for price match with RS . Or they have also a newer premiere plus version (I think it is either a 200w or 250w sub, compared with a 80w sub for the premiere), with a really beefed up sub for £420 - http://www.hificonfidential.co.uk/moreinfo.cfm?id=346

I really think you should look at the superb Infinity Oreus for 600 for a 5.1 set up, at - http://www.softjam.co.uk/acatalog/Boxed_Harman_Oreus.html , review here in German (extremely detailed tests and totally independent site) - http://www.areadvd.de/hardware/infinityoreus.shtml , as good as the kef's, which is my 2nd rec.

The same site review - http://www.areadvd.de/hardware/kefkht2005mk2.shtml - excellent price from here (unauthorized but I doubt speakers goes wrong) - www.kingdom88.com/bos - or here where you pay full price but u get qed silver ann cables - http://www.creative-audio.co.uk/hotdeals_home.htm .

The JMLab Focal at the same site for 650 including cables, are also really good, but maybe a tiny level lower than eggs and oreus.

Now depending what amp you have, the eggs and oreus might be a overkill in terms of price, but definitely not in terms of power, 25sqm2 is a lot of air to power! Hm, I don't think floorstanders are overkill for a room size like yours, but I'm not that good with floorstanders.

I know that AE EVO3B are probably the best floorstanders for up to 750 at creative-audio (see above link).

I'm sure others will add their opinions, but I hope I have given you a good guidance.

What amp do you have? Again, maybe my recommendations are too strong for your amp.



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thanks for the replies all. First up I have to apologise, got the dimensions of my room completely wrong, well not far off anyway! It's about 4.5m x 3.5m. I guess the main thing to consider when buying speakers is the size of the room? Anyway, I have to agree with the RS recommending the MS speakers, they did the same for their Cambridge DVD's to me too! From what I've read the MS Premier System has got some good marks and is probably the one I'll opt for. I've seen the Premier Plus System with the more beefy sub but I personally don't think I'll need that much thump!

Seen the KEF speaker system advertised a lot too but I've always strayed away because of the satellite type speakers.

The AV Receiver I will be getting is the Yamaha 640...



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4.5mx3.5m is actually quite a bit less sq meters of air to fill.

MS Premier a good choice, don't forget to pricematch it, and the savings will be enough for some cables.


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