What speakers would you go for.


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On Wednesday I am going to demo the following speakers.

Kef Q7
Mission 782
B&W 603 s3

I have a denon amp 3803 and was wondering which speaker would you go for.

I see Mission do the 782 and a 782se does any one know what the diference is apart from the price and is it worth speanding the extra money for the SE?



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All will give you good results imo but as steve mentioned only you can decide what sounds best to your ear. What floats our boat may sink yours:)
What other kit will it be paired with as that also will affect your choice imo.
I'm assuming the demo will be using the same kit that you have at home. If it isn't then you can't make an informed choice imo as you have to get as near to the conditions the speakers will be used in at home.

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