What speakers to pair with my new used Onkyo TX SR 876 AV receiver?


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I've just bought a well-cared for 876. I used to own a 507 and that ran my 5.1 setup splendidly.

My room is only 7m by 4m and the onkyo will sit in a 4m x 4m TV area running 7.1 or 7 2(?). Having just bought a house in refurbishment, I'm looking for second hand. And I love my movies with good, I can bomb-dropped bass and clear sound. I'll be mostly focusing on 5.1 and 7.1 movies.

I'm in Germany, otherwise it would almost certainly have been a BK sub. Old system was in wall Polk aidio directional 8inch speakers and a BK sub.

Suggestions welcome for the speaker choice on the new home 🙏🏽

Thank you.


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You don´t need to think about the Onkyo much as it can drive any speakers you choose. It was one of the flagship models back in the days, very beefy receiver! Teufel is German brand for cinema speakers. Magnat is another popular option there which i would assume there is lot available. You just need to do some research after finding what is available used. Klipsch Reference Premiere (RP) , SVS Prime and Ultra series, Kef Q range, B&W 683 S2/685 S2 + HTM61 S2...

Not sure do you have to buy the subwoofer used too, hopefully not as there is no guarantee how long the amp will last, no warranty.

If you can afford new subwoofer for 28sqm room then look example PB1000 Pro or PB/PC2000 Pro models from SVS!

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