What Speakers to go with an AV32Rbp192/ RMB1075 combo?



As the title,
I need some front speakers and a centre to go with my Tag AV32RBp192 / Rotel RMB1075 combo.
I'm currently using Kef Q3s and a Q9c for my front three but these are the limiting component now I've upgraded the amp and Processor.

Any ideas?
I'd like to use the Q3s as my surrounds if possible (at least for a while) and will be buying the stereo fronts first and then the centre. CD is more important than DVD to me.

B&W CDM1NT is looking good but my dealer doesn't stock them as he says they are poor. He stocks just about every other speaker B&W make though. Would these be up to the job anyway? Kef reference would be nice too but I have no idea with regard to price.

I'm not even sure weather to go for stand mount or floor standers.

I can spend about £1000 but possibly a bit more on the front two.

Many thanks,

P.S. any speaker cable recommendations would also be most welcome.

Matt F

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I have pretty much the same combination as you - AV32R but with the older version of your power amp (the RB985MKII) and I've recently ordered what I think will be the ideal speakers for me because they should be great for music and movies.

I've ordered three M&K MPS1510's (these are the pro version of the S85's). These are small studio monitors so they do require a sub to be used with them. They should be spot on in stereo but, of course, with movies I will have the advantage of having three identical front speakers (even though the centre one will have to be used on it's side for the time being).

I've had other speaker combinations with the Tag/Rotel - M&K 750 THX's (great for movies, not great in stereo), KEF Reference's (great for stereo, pretty good for movies but the 100C wasn't happy in my enclosed TV unit).

I'm hoping the 1510's will be exactly what I'm looking for - I've heard the S85's before and they were fantastic and the 1510's are said to be better than the S85's.

I'll post a review when I get them (and once they are run in, of course).

Hope this helps,



Many thanks for that. I look forward to your review.

Dare I ask? How much are you paying?


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