What speakers to complement KDL40X2000 & PS3


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Hi All!

I am in need of some advice, allow me to tell you my quandry ...

I have a Sony KDL40X2000, with which I am very happy. I also have a PS3, with which I am also happy. They are connected by a HDMI cable and the system works well.

I also have a Sky + box which I am considering upgrading to Sky HD. I am not sure when I ought to do this as there seem to be a bundle of offers creeping out of Sky at the moment so it's a matter of getting the timing right. However, in time it is likely to happen.

I want to get a speaker system to complement the TV, but I don't really need a DVD player with it as the PS3 plays DVDs and Blu Rays. Also with the HD-DVD / Blu Ray format war I'm playing the part of the Swiss and not committing myself yet, (yes I know the PS3 is a Blu-Ray player but that’s just an added feature not a commitment to the product as far as I am concerned).

I am really only concentrating on Sony products and currently wonder if this:


Is a good choice?

Also I am not sure of the implications of running a PS3 and Sky HD with the system.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

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if you have the money then have a look at the SONY SA-FT7ED £1300 speakers. ive set a couple up and they sound really good.best of all they are a perfect match for X series lcd.you will need to get an amp to run them.
the sub does not have many watts on spec but in looks good and really goes deep aided by a very good design.let me no if you have any more questions.

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