what speakers should I buy ?


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I am in the process of having a conservatory built (3.2 m x 3.8 m) once complete I intend to mount a 40" LG LCD tv and would like some suggestions as to what wall mounted speakers to place on each side. My budget is only small (£100) please help.


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When you say speakers, are we talking about a pair of speakers, and by extension does that mean you will have a stereo amp?

And, why wall mount?

If you are thinking of a full Surround Sound system (5.1), that is completely different.

Clear up these point and we will see where we can go from there.

I will say that your budget is extremely lean. In a stereo system, you can get a nice pair of bookshelf speakers for £100/pr, but then you need stands for them. But, you also have to have a stereo amp which is going to cost another £150.

Also, with stereo, how usable the amp and speakers are depends on the available Audio Out connections from the TV.

Connecting a 5.1 AV amp is much easier to connect, but typically more expensive.

There are some options available, but again, they tend to hinge on the available Audio Outs of your TV. Bare minimum, your TV should have a headphone out.

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Cheers Steve,
1st post, sorry for lack of info, having looked around I am thinking of purchasing the sharp soundbar HTSB200 as this will do everything I am looking for and will connect into the tv (and its currently selling at £99.95) I no its not an all singing all dancing unit but it should do the trick.
As you can see from the above I just want to get a slightly better sound from the tv, not looking at amps etc.

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