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What speakers? new system home cinema projection


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As you can tell i am new to the forum.

I have read many threads on the forum and must say everyone is very friendly and informative.

I have taken the plunge and am getting the garage converted into an occasional/ home cinema room.

After initially looking at a 3k+ setup i have realised for a newbie i was going a little bit overboard.

I have therefore toned things down a bit.

I have already purchased the following for a 16ft X 9ft room

Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver
Optoma hd20 projector

Now its the speakers which are my main query.

I know speaker choice is subjective but whilst initially looking at expensive b & w 685 theatre am now thinking of the q acoustics 1010i which are on offer for £299 at richer sounds. I know price wise and probably sound wise there is a massive difference but was wondering whether as a non officianado to av i will notice a massive difference.

Are there any other speakers which will knowck the socks off the q acoustics?

Many thanks for any replies


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I assume when you refer to these speakers, you are talking about a complete 5.1 speaker system (front, center, rear, & Subwoofer), am I right?

I think any one could hear the difference between these speakers, with the B&W being generally better, but also considerably more expensive. However, the Q Acoustic is a good little system for the price, and many here are very fond of it. Also keep in mind that the 1000 series has been replaced by the 2000 series, so the 1000's are on deep discount. I would guess the Q Acoustic 1010 system series typically sold for £500 or more before the 2000 series was introduced.

If this is a pure cinema room, then, for the money, the Q Acoustic is a good system at a very good price. However, on general principle, the B&W are better yet, but cost more.

It is up to you to set your priorities and preferences, and if £300 is the limit of what you can spend for a sound system, then this is about the best you can do.

As to the amp, a very good and very popular amp for the money.

As is always the case in Audio, if you spend more and spend wisely, you get substantially more quality. But, and this is a big but, that process never ends. You can just as easily spend £500 or £5,000 or £50,000, and there will always be a better more expensive system out there somewhere.

Fix your budget, and do the best you can within it.



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thanks for that.

I have made a compromise and gone for the vibe monolith 7.1 system. Got a very good deal at sub £700.

I was happy to pay 3k for an all round system but as im so new i'll strart slowly and if im unhappy with something i will upgrade

Thanks again for you advice much appreciated

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